perl: run another script without exec/system

Is it possible to include/source another perl script, or launch it as a "sub"? This works, but looks ugly:

print "I'm in; args: @ARGV\n";


use File::Temp qw/tempdir/;
use File::Copy qw/copy/;

my $tmplib;

use lib ($tmplib = tempdir()) . (
  copy("./", "$tmplib/") ? "" : (die "$!")

use test2;


$ ./ a b c
I'm in; args: a b c


It sounds like you want the do operator, although it also sounds like very bad design.

This is what the documentation says.

do EXPR Uses the value of EXPR as a filename and executes the contents
        of the file as a Perl script.
            do '';

        is just like

            eval `cat`;

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