Order by on String's substring in Linq

I have a date field for which I convert the value of the database from datetime to string format("dd-MMM-yyyy"), I need to perform sorting this string date field, but seems like when I have been doing the sorting, it is working and checking only the date, not the month as well as not the year. So when the data is in date format (database):


So it is sorted like


But it is sorted: 29-Jan-2012 28-Mar-2013 01-Jan-2011

So I want to apply orderbydescending-> then by-> so on, I need to split the string from end, is there a way around? I am doing:

List<c> lst=lst.OrderByDescending(d=>d.TDate.Substring(d.TDate.LastIndexOf('-').toList();


How about this,

List<string> lst= new List<string>{"29-Jan-2012", "28-Mar-2013", "01-Jan-2011","2011-01-01","2013-03-28"};

in your sample it should be,


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