Cascading overloaded cout operator error `No match` when used with other overloaded operators

I have overloaded << in my code as a friend function. Even after using braces while cascading there is still the error

error: no match for ‘operator<<’ in ‘std::operator<< [with _Traits = 
std::char_traits<char>]((* & std::cout), ((const char*)"complex conjugate is ")) 
<< c.myComplex::operator~()’

I have a class myComplex

class myComplex
    float real;
    float imaginary;    

    myComplex(float a,float b);
    friend std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& iso,myComplex& a);
    myComplex operator~() const;

The overload for <<, ~and the constructors are as follows,

std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& oso,myComplex& a)
    oso<<a.real<<" + "<<a.imaginary<<"i"<<std::endl;
return oso;

myComplex myComplex::operator~() const
    return myComplex(this->real,-1*this->imaginary);

myComplex::myComplex(float a,float b)
    real = a;
    imaginary = b;

I use it in main as follows,

Line 1:    std::cout << "c is " << c << "\n";
Line 2:    std::cout << "a is " << a << "\n";

Line 3: ((std::cout <<"complex conjugate is ")<<(~c))<<"\n";

Line 3:    std::cout <<"complex conjugate is "<<~c<<"\n";

Line 1 and 2 work fine, but Line 3 gives the error. If it can cascade for Line 1 and 2 and since ~c also returns an ostream why does it give an error for that?


Because your operator~() returns by value, you are feeding a temporary object into your ostream& operator<< here:

std::cout <<"complex conjugate is "<< ~c <<"\n";
//                                    ^^ HERE! Temporary myComplex value.

The operator takes its 2nd argument by non-const reference myComplex&. A non-const reference cannot bind to a temporary. Change it to

std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& oso, const myComplex& a);

A temporary object (in this case that returned by operator~()) cannot be bound to a non-const reference. Change argument of operator<<() to be a const reference:

friend std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& iso,myComplex const& a);

Use const myComplex & instead of myComplex &:

friend std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& iso, const myComplex& a);

And change the implementation, of course.

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