How to set own model to an interface which get generic types parameters

This is my interface ,

public interface OnSendEntityMessageListener {
    public <T> void onSendEntity(Class<T> entityType, T message);

When i want to use interface like below , i get a build-in error like

The method onSendEntity(Class, T) in the type AFragment.OnSendEntityMessageListener is not applicable for the arguments (Class, String)

private void SendASampleMessageToParent(Account account) {
      mSendEntity.onSendEntity(Account.class, "Fragment Message. : "+ account.getName());


public class Account {
    String Name;

    public String getName() {
        return Name;

    public void setName(String name) {
        Name = name;

Thanks for your helps


You have defined the parameter message as T in your interface. But the T type argument in your example is already bound to the type Account when you're invoking

mSendEntity.onSendEntity(Account.class, "Fragment Message. : "+ account.getName());

You might have meant to declare your method as

public <T> void onSendEntity(Class<T> entityType, String message);


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