Moving object in AS3 while it is translated by Matrix3D

First, please look at my SWF:

You can move pawns and it works pretty well. But the problem starts whem you translate game board (by pressing any of direction keys). After this you cant move pawns. Here is little piece of my code:


case Keyboard.LEFT:
    _matrix = new Matrix3D();

_matrix.appendTranslation(0, -200, 0);
_matrix.appendRotation(_rot++, Vector3D.X_AXIS);
_matrix.appendTranslation(0, 200, _depth);

_table._board.transform.matrix3D = _matrix;


moving the pawn:

private function MouseDown(event:MouseEvent):void
        var pawn:Pawn = event.currentTarget as Pawn;

        _xPos = pawn._xPos;
        _yPos = pawn._yPos;

        _txt.text = pawn._xPos + " - " + pawn._yPos + "\n";



Ok, I solved this by using something like this: (against startStag() )

private var _clicked:Boolean
private var _currentPawn:Pawn

private function MouseDown(event:MouseEvent):void
    _clicked = true;
    _currentPawn = event.currentTarget as Pawn;
    // rest of my code

private function MouseMove(event:MouseEvent):void
        _currentPawn.x = mouseX;
        _currentPawn.y = mouseY;

private function MouseUp(event:MouseEvent):void
    _clicked = false;
// rest of my code

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