spring 3: inject a dependency from a library?

I am developing a project and using 3rd party libraries. Let's say I use a library which gives me the object ExtObj. In my project I have a class MyObj, which uses ExtObj. How can I configure spring 3 to inject ExtObj in MyObj?

I tried to research the topic on the internet, but I didn't find a straight answer. I would like to use xml configuration and maybe (?) @Autowired, not @EJB or @Inject

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE my guess was:

<bean id="myObj" value="me.MyObj">
  <property name="extObj" value=" ... ??? ...">

So, I don't know what I should put into value. I guess that's where the reference to the external object goes. But spring can only reference objects that have been already defined/configured in spring. So:

<bean id="extObj" value="ext.lib.ExtObj">
<bean id="myObj" value="me.MyObj">
  <property name="extObj" value="extObj">

Is that configuration right?


First you need to define a bean for your ExtObj in your application context (an xml file or a @Configuration class). Eg. if ExtObj has a constructor taking a String you can define the bean this way:

<bean id="extObj" class="ext.lib.ExtObj">
    <constructor-arg value="SomeString"/>

To define MyObj you can use constructor injection:

<bean id="myObj" class="me.MyObj">
    <constructor-arg ref="extObj"/>

or setter injection:

<bean name="myObj" class="me.MyObj">
    <property name="extObj" ref="extObj"/>

If you use setter injection then MyObj needs to have a setter setExtObj. If you use constructor injection MyObj needs to have a constructor taking an instance of the ExtObj class.

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