How to get Value from List<Bean> object in Jquery using Spring?

In my Spring Application have one Bean..

    public class SampleBean{
      private String id;
      private String name;
      private String marks;

And my Another Service bean Crating Property like..

List<SampleBean> list = new Array<SampleBean>();
//Setter and getters

And in my Controller class Set some values to list

And now my jsp i'm getting these values using Jquery..

<c:set var="modalAttributeName"value="MODEL1" />
<c:set var="modalAttribute"value="${requestScope[modalAttributeName]}" />
  <form:select class="select_box" path="country" id="country">
     <form:options items="${modalAttribute.list}" />

It is showing entire Bean name like SampleBean@0

But i want in this Select box only SampleBean class name only..

So how to Display name using Jquery?


i'm trying like this but empty box showing..

     <form:select class="select_box" path="country" id="country">
        <c:forEach items="${modalAttribute.list}" var="result">
            <form:options item="${}" />


Add this list to your model attribute map. I assume you already have a model map passed into your controller method. So for example:

model.put("list", list);

If you don't have the model map passed to your method, then just another parameter: Map<String, Object> model.

Then in your JSP:

 <form:select class="select_box" path="country" id="country">
    <c:forEach items="${list}" var="result">
        <form:option value="${}">
            <c:out value="${}"/>

a possible sulition can be render the list as JSOn from controler and catch it in a java script code making an ajax call , thus its easier to use in jquery

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