Facebook graph api comment count

seems Facebook changed the result of posts, few weeks ago it was possible to read the comment count from the post directly


you got something like

"comments": {
"data": [
    "id": "502974003098530_78616446", 
    "from": {
      "name": "Mathias Fritz", 
      "id": "526559276"
    "message": "saugeil!", 
    "can_remove": false, 
    "created_time": "2013-03-26T14:58:01+0000", 
    "like_count": 1, 
    "user_likes": false
"paging": {
  "cursors": {
    "after": "MQ==", 
    "before": "MQ=="
"count": 1

but now the count is missing.

I did some research on the graph documentation but the only change in that direction seems to be that comments can have comments now... and those comments are counted in a field named comment_count.

Is there still a way to get the total comment count?


You can get total comment count via FQL. See this question below as reference:

Facebook API - comment count via FQL

Here's the query you need: SELECT comment_info FROM stream WHERE post_id = ...

To get the count, add ?summary=1 at the end: https://graph.facebook.com/125909647492772_502974003098530/comments?summary=1

I was having same problem, just adding likes.summary(true),comments.summary(true) in parameter in against "fields" worked for me.

e.g. I used https://graph.facebook.com/me/feed?access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN&fields=story,from,story_tags,likes.summary(true),comments.summary(true)

instead of https://graph.facebook.com/me/feed?access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN

Also you can add other parameters if you want; separated by a ,

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