Get resource directory (similar to App.GetResourceStream)

Is it possible to access a directory with resources files, similar to App.GetResourceStream? Intention: I have a directory of images, which is constantly being extended and I want to be able to traverse through those images to get the names of all available files.


Need Your Help

Aspx, global instance of class, possible bug in code structure authentication module master-pages

I am tracking down a bug in some old aspx code. The problem is that one some very rare occations (1/10.000 pageviews or so) two users are mixed up, ie. user A sees user B data.

Zend: How to use a custom function from a view helper in the controller?

php zend-framework models

Ive got a view helper in library/my/view/helper/gravatar and so in any view I can call $this->gravatar($email).

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