Windows 7 Query Folder Preferences

I was looking at adding a feature to an explorer program. Currently the program does not allow folder based viewing preferences (Pictures, Music, Documents, etc.) but Windows does. So I was wondering how I can access/alter the preferences of folder as known by Windows Explorer so that it applies to the other explorer program as well. That way the explorer program won't have to keep track of all the preferences and will just use what's already available from Windows.


Need Your Help

downloading bitmap error

android url bitmap

i'm trying to download bitmaps from some url but in VM in the pc the app run perfectly(very slow) but in my tablet the app stop responding.. can anyone help me?

tokenizing a string twice in c with strtok()

c csv tokenize strtok

I'm using strtok() in c to parse a csv string. First I tokenize it to just find out how many tokens there are so I can allocate a string of the correct size. Then I go through using the same variab...

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