Button to play a movie within a movie in ActionScript 3 Presentation

I am making a Flash Presentation, so each animation is within a movie clip (movie_mc). This movie clip has a key frame holding each animation (4 keyframes/animated slides). The first movie instance/slide is called "slide1871". I labeled the first frame within this movie "slide1871". My buttons are on the main timeline.

I CANNOT get the code to work to link to play the first frame of movie slide1871 (within movie_mc). It either doesn't work at all, or it plays the 4 keyframes of the 4 slides I have within movie_mc.

This plays the 4 keyframes:

    btn1871.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, btn1);

    function btn1(event:MouseEvent):void

I've tried a bunch of other stuff that the button doesn't even work. Please help, hopefully this makes sense.


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