change error log output format: ini_set('error_append_string', 'string') and ini_set('error_prepend_string', 'string') does nothing

This is what I tell php to do:

ini_set('display_errors', '0');
ini_set('log_errors', 1);
ini_set('error_log', 'errors.log');
ini_set('error_append_string', 'APP');
ini_set('error_prepend_string', 'PRE');

Hoping that I would get all errors reported in one file, with "PRE" before the message and "APP" after the message. (My goal is to make PRE and APP into /n /r or something...)

But my error reporting log looks like this:

[14-May-2013 00:16:26] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: nonexistentvariable in /home/www/dir/index.php on line 14[14-May-2013 00:16:28] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: nonexistentvariable in /home/www/dir/index.php on line 14

No PRE, no APP...

How do I get it in there, so that my error reporting file will have each error on a newline, rather than a loooong string of errors that's not helpful to me?

EDIT: So I noticed that with ini_set('display_errors', '1'); the "APP" and "PRE" strings are displayed on the page, in the error message.

That means I really need to find out where I can change the format for how php logs the errors. For example this whole timestamp thing - where is that specified?

EDIT: It is not possible to change the way php logs errors, you have to make your own error handler.

ANSWER: To truly achieve what I was going to, I asked a different question (to be more precise). How to change the way PHP writes errors in the error log file?


As the documentation says nothing to that, I have tested your example. I realized that error_append/prepend_string only works for displayed but not logged errors

My goal is to make PRE and APP into /n /r or something...

You should use a regex for that. Should be possible, as every log messages starts with nearly same prefix. Will prepare one....

check phpinfo(); after ini_sets

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