JQuery .click() triggers after the second click only

I'm trying to use JQuery load() instead of javascript ajax. I have multiple of ids generated for each DIV with php loop.

When creating a JQuery function like below I pass the generated ids of divs fine but, I will have to click twice on the button in-order the .click() event to trigger , I put a window.alert() inside the .click() function and it popups twice after the second click on the button, any idea how to do it the correct way?


function updateDivs(generatedID){
        //do some .load() stuff

 for($i=0 ; $i < 20 ; $i++){
   $gen = mt_rand(100,999);
   <div id="<?=$gen;?>" onclick="updateDivs(<?=$gen;?>) > some content </div


I think that the easiest way is to set a class for your divs and inside you can get the div id with event.target.id.

I think that your problem is that you need to have something like document.ready() or $(function() { });

<div id="div_id" class="mydiv"> some content </div>
<script type="text/javascript">
           $(document).ready(function () {
        $(".mydiv").click(function (event) {

I think what you want is binding a doubleclick event handler, which can be done this way:

$("<?=$gen;?>").on("dblclick", function (e) {
   // do some stuff here.

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