How to exit as Sub in Java

In VB you would create this code:

Sub doitnow()
dim a = 1
   for a = 1 to 45
    if a = 5
      exit sub
    end if
    a = a +1
   next a
end sub

In Java how do you exit early? I have a program with settings and diferent ways to enter the program and if you enter without having the settings done, I wish to stop the activity and send them to the settings activity.

Currently I have:

try {
  Ls = new LoadSettings(Add.this);
  gs = new GlobalSubs();
} catch (Exception e) {
  Intent c = new Intent(this, Preferences.class);

But the same activity continues and does not stop creating a force stop error.


To exit a function early in Java, simply place return on the line where you want to exit:

for (int a = 1 ; a != 45 ; a++) {
    if (a == 5) {

The equivalent of Exit Sub in Java is return. From the JLS:

A return statement returns control to the invoker of a method

For void methods simply use return on its own.

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