Printing a webpage with canvas

I am using canvas on this project I am working on to allow users to add their signature. I am having a very hard time printing this canvas signature out on paper. Using Google Chrome, the canvas appears nicely in print preview, but does not appear at all on the printed out paper.

I read that in some cases using toDataURL and replacing the canvas area with an image, solves the printout problem. However, in my case, doing so did not solve the problem. I was wondering if there is any alternate solution to this issue.

I appreciate any advice.

Many thanks in advance!

This is what I tried:

    var sktch = $('#simple_sketch').sketch();
    var cleanCanvas = $('#simple_sketch')[0];

         /* replace canvas with image */
         var canvas = document.getElementById("simple_sketch");
         var img    = canvas.toDataURL("image/png");
        document.getElementById("signature").value = document.getElementById("simple_sketch").toDataURL("image/png");
         $('#simple_sketch').replaceWith('<img style="border-bottom:2px solid black;" src="'+img+'"/>');


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