Pagination and form tag issue

i have two .php files: trialform.php and trialaction.php

User chooses search terms using <select> tags on trialform.php, and then that information goes to trialaction.php that has mySQL $query=SELECT * ... which contains variables like $expression1 etc. (Depending on the user's choice).

It works fine. But I wanted to implement pagination from this source Now my query works only for the first pagination page, when I click on the second and does not show any results. The problem is that the $query=SELECT * ... refers to trialform.php, and it does not exist after the user pressed "Submit".

Do I have to split my $_POST code section in a separate .php file in order to be able to use pagination and <form>?


this is often performed with parameters on subsequent pages passing updates to the page number (gets you the start parameter) and limit as can be seen here

and viewing the http headers in fiddler. for page 4 you get

GET /forum/topics-browse-remote.php?_dc=1368498808032&page=4&start=150&limit=50

and page 5 is

GET /forum/topics-browse-remote.php?_dc=1368498808032&page=5&start=200&limit=50

so subsequent pages (prior or next) know where to start. naturally the parameters are fed into the select statement such as select * from employee limit 200,50 # start,limit

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