Python passing variable in a function

So I am trying to pass X from test() to rfid() to be tested and it wont work:

This is what I have:

def test(x):
        testcard = 8974
        return x

def rfid():
        #This will just see if the rfid chip has enough digits

        main= 8974

        # This looks to see if the rfid chip has enough digits to pass the test

        if main == x:
                print ("Card read check complete")
                cardlength= info[main + readlen]
                main += readlen + 1
                return True,info[main:main + cardlength]
                        main += readlen + 1
        return False,0,''

def main():



First, you have to fix this:

def rfid(x):
    # ... rest of code

You see, if a function needs a parameter it must be declared as such. Next, you have to actually call rfid() from test():

def test():
        x = 8974
        return rfid(x)

And in main(), call test(). Or just call test(), there's no need to declare and call main():

def main():


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