Passing/Keeping/Returning String From Form/Dialog - C++ /CLI

I am trying to pass a reference to a String to a Form that shows a Dialog for user input and then pass the input String back out. I have followed several other questions on this and just can not get the syntax to work.

The form/dialog that I call looks like:

public ref class SingleStringUI : public System::Windows::Forms::Form
public:  System::String^ tUserInput;


    SingleStringUI(System::String ^% UserInput)
        tUserInput = UserInput;

private: System::Void SingleStringOKButton_Click(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e) {
         tUserInput = gcnew ystem::String(this->SingleStringTextBox->Text);

The caller looks like:

        SV8::SingleStringUI^ TestMatch;
        System::String^ UserInput;

        TestMatch = (gcnew SV8::SingleStringUI(UserInput));

However, when I run this, the string entered into the TextBox is not returned to the caller. Other examples I have seen indicate that the problem is when I store a local copy in tUserInput. Any help on getting a copy of the String out of the TextBox appreciated.


Re-assigning tUserInput in SingleStringOKButton_Click does not change UserInput because tUserInput is just a handle to UserInput and not a tracking reference to the handle. The only opportunity to change UserInput was in the SingleStringUI constructor. You could provide an accessor to get the string from the TextBox instead.

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