What is the standard way of accessing X11 color mappings in C/C++?

Googling around, I see this list, which provides a useful name to rgb mapping.

Of course, I can easily copy this file, store it somewhere, and read it, but I was wondering, is there a standard way of accessing this list from C/C++ from some standard location (hopefully, without a lot of hassle)?

Even a standard location in a *nix system would be useful, since reading/parsing the file is trivial.

Fwiw, I am running gcc 4.7.3 on Ubuntu 13.04.


As I recall, and Wikipedia (not a great reference I know)


which is likely:


Googling around some more, it looks like the standard location may be:


For checking out the colors, the xcolors program is useful.

Install with sudo apt-get install xcolors

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