Qt UI testing: How to simulate a click on a QMenuBar item using QTest?

I am trying to simulate a mouse click on a QMenu item from a QMenuBar, for example clicking on "Save As" QAction using the QTestLib framework.

I am triyng this under Windows XP 32 bit and Qt 5.0.2.

Any Ideas?


Probably this question is not relevant for question owner, but I suppose it could be helpful for others.

Unlike QToolBar, QMenu doesn't have method widgetForAction. I found a simple workaround for this case. Try popup menu with QTest::mouseClick if nothing happens try to use QTest::keyClick(..., first_char_in_menu_tite, Qt::AltModifier). To simulate action execution you can navigate with Qt::Key_Down to action until you reach it and then press Qt::Key_Enter. I suppose following code can help you to understand

QMenu *menu = getMenu(mainWindow, menuName);
if (menu != nullptr) {
    QTest::keyClick(mainWindow, menu->title().at(1).toLatin1(), Qt::AltModifier);

QList<QAction *> actions = menu->actions();
foreach (QAction *action, actions) {
    if (action->objectName() == actionName) {
        QTest::keyClick(menu, Qt::Key_Enter);
    QTest::keyClick(menu, Qt::Key_Down);

You should use the QTest::mouseClick function. It will simulate the click on any QWidget. I have found that trying to click on a QMenu that causes a blocking call will not work with a unit test.

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