how call a outlook function in outlook htmlbody by clicking on hyperlink in outlook addin application

how to call CreateOutlookContacts function on click on activation link ..

outlook function code is given below

mailItem.HTMLBody = "


Welcome in Constacts World....

Please click on below link to add my contact in your address book

"Activitation Link"

**//my function which i want to call on activation link**

Public Function CreateOutlookContacts(ByVal Sid As Integer) As Boolean


Dim sql As String = "select * from SubscriberProfile" 

Dim connectionString As String = _ "Data Source=c211\c211;Initial Catalog=Ctc;User ID=sa;Password=sa" 

Dim sqlconn As New SqlConnection(connectionString)

 sqlconn.Open() ' Sets up the connection, it is closed here
NewContact.FileAs = "arnav chauhan"

NewContact.Email1Address = "" 

NewContact.Email2Address = ""

 NewContact.MailingAddress = "Meerut UP, India"

 NewContact.Subject = "Contact crated from"

 NewContact.JobTitle = "Software Engineer" 



end function


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