Java-LAF: How to create Decoration using Synth-XML?

I'm trying to create a custom Look-And-Feel using the Synth-Framework.

I successfully used a tutorial ( Look-And-Feel Tutorial by Oracle/Sun ) to experiment,and managed to skin Buttons, Panels etc.

The problem i have now is,that i want to decorate the Window/JFrame.

I read some things about it and tried it out with the MetalLookAndFeel and this Code,that works:

        UIManager.setLookAndFeel(new MetalLookAndFeel());
    }catch(UnsupportedLookAndFeelException e){

    new SFframe().setVisible(true);

Now i try to use my own LAF:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!-- Style that all regions will use -->
    <style id="backingStyle">
        <opaque value="TRUE"/>
        <font name="Dialog" size="14"/>
            <color value="#04688D" type="BACKGROUND"/>
            <color value="#FFFFFF" type="FOREGROUND"/> 
        <defaultsProperty key="Synthetica.window.decoration" type="boolean" value="true"/>
    <bind style="backingStyle" type="region" key=".*"/>
    <style id="button">
        <!-- Shift the text one pixel when pressed -->
        <property key="Button.textShiftOffset" type="integer" value="1"/>
        <!-- set size of buttons -->
        <insets top="4" left="4" bottom="4" right="4"/>
            <imagePainter method="buttonBackground" path="/synth/images/Button.png" sourceInsets="4 4 4 4"/>
            <font name="Dialog" size="16"/>
            <color type="TEXT_FOREGROUND" value="#FFFFFF"/>
        <state value="PRESSED"> 
            <imagePainter method="buttonBackground" path="/synth/images/Button_pressed.png" sourceInsets="4 4 4 4"/>
        <state value="MOUSE_OVER">    
            <imagePainter method="buttonBackground" path="/synth/images/Button_over.png" sourceInsets="4 4 4 4"/>
    <bind style="button" type="region" key="Button"/>

The code i use to load the LAF looks like this:

    SynthLookAndFeel laf = new SynthLookAndFeel();
        InputStream in = SFframe.class.getResourceAsStream("/synth/synth.xml");
        laf.load(in, SFframe.class);
    }catch(ParseException | UnsupportedLookAndFeelException e){
    new SFframe().setVisible(true);

The Buttons and Panels get skinned, but of course, the Window/JFrame doesn't.

I just can't find a source on how to skin/decorate a Window/JFrame with Synth-XML. Can someone help me there?


  • AFAIK isn't possible to decorating JFrame/JDialog/JWindow with own L&F

  • JFrame/JDialog/JWindow is based on peers came from native OS, by default has the same decorations type color, font, font size as rest of windows invoked from Native OS

  • AFAIK Substance can do that, have look at its code source, ref. post by (-:forked new Owner:-)

Well, it is possible to decorate JFrame, JDialog and even JWindow with your own L&F, but i am not sure that Synth can do that. Atleast i didn't find any information about that.

L&F like Substance, Synthetica and others use a small cheat to decorate JFrame and JDialog - when setDefaultLookAndFeelDecorated is set to true JRootPane UI disables native frame/dialog decoration and simply displays its own styling. Also some native features like non-opaque frames/dialogs are very handy in that case and makes you feel that window is actually decorated with a different style (you cannot create a good window shade effect without those features).

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