How to navigate in Gradle API documentation?

This could be a unusual question. I have a problem with navigating in gradle groovy api doc. For example see following code,

uploadArchives {
repositories {
    ivy {
        credentials {
            username "username"
            password "pw"
    url ""

In above code how can i find what goes into "credentials" closure in api documentaion ?



I'm quite new to Gradle myself, but this is what I would do:

  1. Start from Project as the build script is always executed against a Project instance
  2. Look for repositories { }
  3. It mentions RepositoryHandler, so look for ivy { } there
  4. ivy() returns a IvyArtifactRepository, so I guess the closure will be executed against that
  5. However there is no credentials { } defined on IvyArtifactRepository
  6. Jump to its API doc to check its superclasses (link on the top of the page)
  7. You can see there that credentials is defined on AuthenticationSupported
  8. PasswordCredentials is mentioned there, and finally you see that it only has username and password properties

It's not always very intuitive, and I miss code completion a lot, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier to find your way through the documentation.

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