How can I sort excel file by the first column? java

i have to make a program where we read data from excel files as the one here and store them in a table in mysql with descending ID. I have made the program to read the data and print them in console using APACHE POI, create the table by the first row of the excel file and then store the rest data. But the storing I would like to happen by their IDs. So I made a function where first I will read the first column where the IDs are and then read the rest data using LinkedHashMap.

How i would do the sorting in IDs?Could anyone help me? I have put spaces where i think the changes should be made.


Add each TableRow to your List. Use Collections sort() method to sort the data and then iterate through it and insert.

You can customize the compareTo() to determine the order.

public int compareTo(TableRow o) {
    // for descending order
    return this.getID().compareTo(o.getID())*(-1);

Using Comparator, you can do something like this :

 new Comparator<TableRow>() {
        public int compare(TableRow o1, TableRow o2) {
             // for descending order
            return o1.getID().compareTo(o.getID())*(-1);

You can use TreeMap. pass the id coulumn value of the excelsheet as the the KeyId for treemap. It will automatically sort your data ...

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