curl: unsupported protocol(https) in CentOS6 - related with jansson

I am following jansson tutorial below.

while I code like tutorial, I faced a problem.

this jansson thing uses curl library, and its curl_easy_perform() method

returns 1.

And console printed like this, "Unsupported protocol".

I already saw a solution(below link) and I could not find any extra space like that.

cURL Error 1: Unsupported protocol: https

And now I do not have any clues of this problem.

If you have any good idea, please share with me =)


From the command line, run:

$ curl-config --protocols | grep HTTPS

If HTTPS is not printed, that is that the libcurl version your are linking to has not been built with SSL support.

In such a case, you must re-install it with SSL support turned on, e.g yum install libcurl-devel should do the trick. Re-verify and then re-build your sample code.

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