Java String/Regex Replace

I'm quite new to regex. Not sure how to do the follow:

Replace ":p_id" with a specific value.

For example when I simply want to replace ":p_id1" with a value, it also replaced ":p_id10" with the same value which is not what I want.

It's also possible for the ":p_id"'s to have punctuation before or after them e.g. "=:p_id1)"

Any advice?


Use the \b (word boundary) operator

myString.replaceAll(":p_id1\\b","some replacement");

See Pattern > Boundary matchers

You could use a negative lookahead at the end of your Pattern.

For instance:

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(":p_id\\d(?!\\d)");
String example = ":p_id1 :p_id10";
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(example);
while (matcher.find()) System.out.println(;



Here's the pattern I made:


This matches strings like:


but doesn't match (for instance):


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