how to disable all other apps except my application

i want to disable all other apps in my phone when my application is installed.. is there any option where block all other application from running. and only my application can run..

can you suggest any sample application to block other application from running.

i wana give my phone to other peoples so that they can use my application... but the thing is that... my application need support of internet accessing and GPS location finder also... is it possible to lock other application to use.. like put a pattern loack before other application lunch.


There is probably no possibility to do that.

That's what you want - but that's certainly not what a user of your app wants.

Telephone/SMS etc. is handled by (builtin) applications as well.

More specifically, it is explicitly not possibly to filter the home button to prevent your app from closing.

Use SureLock for Android

Every other option requires you to "Root" the operating system and turn off, or disable, all applications

Doing this will cause other problems.

Other applications have fairly easy work arounds allowing the user to circumnavigate this restriction.

In standard environment there is no possibility, but if you ask how can be done, you will have an answer.

Your Android Os need to be a custom one, at least rooted and set some custom settings. Won't be easy as 1-2 click, but you can declare a user root2 with root privileges, and diable all, even built in app and only your to run.

I am wondering what do you want to archive.

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