tempfile gives wrong absolutepath after renameto

I'm changing contents of a file, therefore I read a file line by line, replace what I want and write line by line to a tempfiles. When the whole file is processed, I delete the original file, and rename the tempfile to the original filename. like this

File orginialFile = new File("C:\\java\\workspace\\original.xml");
File tempFile = File.createTempFile("tempfile", ".tmp", new File(C:\\java\\workspace\\"));
while ((str_String = reader.readLine()) != null) {
//read lines and replace and write lines
orginialFile .delete();     
tempFile.renameTo(new File("C:\\java\\workspace\\original.xml"));

After this is done, I request the absolutepath (tempFile.getAbsolutePath();) of the temp file. But this gives me c:\java\workspace\tempfile3729727953777802965.tmp (the number changes every run of the program) in stead of c:\java\workspace\original.xml

How come?

I debugged it and just before the moment that I request the absolutepath, I checked in c:\java\workspace (windows explorer) and there is no tempfile. Only original file.

So the process runs correctly, I just wanted to know why it is not showing the renamed absolutepath. (I would use it for logging)



In the documentation of java.io.File, before the Interoperability with java.nio.file package:

Instances of the File class are immutable; that is, once created, the abstract pathname represented by a File object will never change.

So it won't show the renamed absolutepath.

There is a missing reader.close() before the delete. Likely edited out for us. Also you can do:


Have you checked the return value from renameTo()? I suspect it to be false.

Also pay attention to the api documentation. It states that a lot of things can go wrong - e.g. moving between file systems.

You might be better off with Files.move

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