Populate 3 combobox from same table but use filter in all 3 tables

i have a windows application having 3 combobox. username, prepared by, authorized by. i want name of all employees in user name whereas in prepared by and authorized by i want selected names but from the same table. so i have assigned roles in the employee table which is an integer value and fired a stroed procedure. i cannot populate the combobox


emp table:
create table emp1
    employee_id int constraint pk_employee_id_employee primary key not null,
    un_id varchar(10) constraint uk_un_id_employee unique not null,
    fname varchar(20) not null,
    lname varchar(20) not null,
    roles int not null

stored procedure:
alter proc rolecombo
    @roles int  
as begin
select * from emp1 where roles<@roles

C# code:

 private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            adp = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd);
            cmd.Connection = con;
            cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
            cmd.CommandText = "rolecombo";
            adp.Fill(dsautho, "emp1");
            comboBox3.DataSource = dsautho.Tables["emp1"];
            comboBox3.DisplayMember = "fname";
            comboBox3.ValueMember = "employee_id";
            comboBox3.SelectedIndex = -1;


Try this Sample Code:

public static DataSet DownDataBind()
        SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection("Data Source=S1B01689;Initial Catalog=CosmosDB;User Id=sa;Password=Nttdata123");

        SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter("SELECT id,categName from CM_Categories",conn);
        DataSet ds = new DataSet();




        return ds;
    catch (Exception exp)
        string s = exp.Message.ToString();
        return null;

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        DataSet ds = DownDataBind();
        comboBox1.DataSource = ds.Tables[0];// use Tables[0] instead of Table Name
        comboBox1.ValueMember = "Id";
        comboBox1.DisplayMember = "CategName";
        comboBox1.SelectedIndex = -1;         
    catch (Exception exp)

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