BASH: loop-reading a list creating a dynamic array

I have a list formatted as below. If I replace the list by, say, "aaa bbb ccc", everything works fine. Anyone an idea?

list=$(echo -e "1.1 1.2 mgmt")

for i in $list; do
   let "array1_$i[$n]=$(date "+%N")"

for i in $list; do
   echo ${!var}

thanks in advance for any ideas...


You can change the shebang line to

#!/bin/bash -xv

to see what bash tries to run. In fact, you are trying to create a variable named array1_1.1, which is not a valid variable name: dots are not allowed.

. is not a valid character in an identifier.

man bash:

       name   A word consisting only of alphanumeric characters and underscores, and
              beginning with an alphabetic character or an underscore.  Also
              referred to as an identifier

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