Visualising results from 'effects' package

  1. Any ideas on how to control the tick-label size e.g. on the following code i'd like to control the font size of the words 'Male' and 'Female' on the x axis and the units of 'volunteer' on the Y axis.

  2. Any ideas on how to plot prediction intervals rather than confidence intervals would also be much appreciated.

code from here.
mod.cowles <- glm(volunteer ~ sex + neuroticism*extraversion, data=Cowles, family=binomial);
eff.cowles <- allEffects(mod.cowles, xlevels=list(neuroticism=0:24, extraversion=seq(0, 24, 6)));
plot(eff.cowles, par.strip.text = list(cex = 1.2), xlab=list(cex=2.8), cex=2.5 #par.settings=list(scales=list(cex=1.4),#doesn't work.
#par.scales=list(cex=1.4),#doesn't work.
#scales=list(cex=1.4),#doesn't work
#pscales=list(cex=1.5)#doesn't work. 


On your first question, I think you're looking for

plot(eff.cowles, cex.lab=.4)

The cex.lab argument is probably what you need.

I don't know an easy way to do prediction intervals rather than confidence intervals, although I'm sure it's possible.

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