Get the XY position of the caret in TextArea

I need to get the XY position of the caret in textArea.

I already found a way to get the Y, but i dont know how to get X, can anyone help?

If any1 want to know, this is how i get Y:

var textBeforeCaret:String = text.substr(0, caretIndex);
var textDump:String = this.text;
this.text = textBeforeCaret;
yVariable = this.textHeight;
this.text = textDump;


After checking the link from RafH, i did this:

var popUpX:int = 0;
var popUpY:int = 0;
if(text.length > 0){

if(caretIndex > 0){
                                if(this.textField.getCharBoundaries(caretIndex -1) != null){
popUpX = this.textField.getCharBoundaries(caretIndex - 1).right;
popUpY = this.textField.getCharBoundaries(caretIndex - 1).bottom;
popUpX = 0;
var i:int = 2;
                                    while(this.textField.getCharBoundaries(caretIndex - i) == null && caretIndex - i > -1){
if(caretIndex - i > -1){
popUpY = this.textField.getCharBoundaries(caretIndex - i).bottom + i * 10;
popUpY = i * 10;
popUpX = this.textField.getCharBoundaries(caretIndex).right;
popUpY = this.textField.getCharBoundaries(caretIndex).bottom;
popUpX = 0;
popUpY = 0;

it isnt perfect, but its good enough for me

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