Plotting graphs in Python


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Due to physical limitations both of your hardware and your brain, you can't analyze large data sets exactly like you would small ones, so it's necessary to rethink your process a bit.

You say you need to plot every pixel of a 22,300 x 22,300 array, but no screen will show this and your nervous system could never take in all in anyway. Say it takes your nervous system 0.01 sec to observe each pixel (which is probably an underestimate), it would take you 57 days to observe this data the way you suggest you need to.

Instead, think about what you want to know about the data and find a way to get at this without plotting the entire thing. Some simple examples of how to do this would be to average neighboring cells, or look for extrema (max and min), etc. Doing this over 100x100 grids will make your final plot 223x223 which is easily manageable.

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