extract data that has both patterns

I need some help on one of my assignments , the scenario : we have data files -- eg bus company info : ( location id and company office/depot )

B003^Red Bus Off BSR - GPO
B015^Red Bus Depot BSR
B003^Red Bus Off BSR - Main Stand
B027^MCD Bus Depot LLR
B047^MCD Bus Depot BSR 

.... etc

i need to extract data that has both "Red Bus" (Company Name) and "Depot" in the office name not others ..... hence in the output file only B015^Red Bus Depot BSR

i was currently trying egrep "pat1|pat2" but that works for OR condition , i have also tried if- then grep/sed -- that dosent work well with what is required as i get results that are satisfy either of the patterns and not both !



You can the use logical AND with awk using the && operator like so:

$ awk '/Red Bus/&&/Depot/' file
B015^Red Bus Depot BSR

But you data shows not reason not to do:

$ fgrep 'Red Bus Depot' file
B015^Red Bus Depot BSR

Note: fgrep is just fixed string grep (i.e grep -F) as regexps aren't required.

If you can't guarantee only a space will separate Red Bus and Depot but can guarantee the order then:

$ grep 'Red Bus.*Depot' file
B015^Red Bus Depot BSR

Finally if you can't guarantee the order:

$ egrep 'Red Bus.*Depot|Depot.*Red Bus' file
B015^Red Bus Depot BSR

sed -n '/Red Bus/{/Depot/p}' file

try piping. grep "Red Bus" <File> |grep Depot Basically you grep for all "Red bus", and among those result, search for which have "Depot", this effectively creates an and condition

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