Custom Bootstrapper created using wix3.6 is not unistalling the msi

I'm installing my msi package (my.msi) from custom managed bootstrapper created using wix3.6 burn, the bootstrapper first installs a few prerequisite packages and then installs my.msi.

The installation is working properly , but there is an issue with Uninstallation. On uninstallation the bootstrapper closes without uninstalling anything, on checking the logs the bootstrapper is logging the plan as:

[1C10:2D80][2013-05-14T16:22:26]i201: Planned package: my, state: Present, default requested: Absent, ba requested: Absent, execute: Uninstall, rollback: Install, cache: No, uncache: Yes, dependency: Unregister

I'm calling Bootstrapper.Engine.Plan(LaunchAction.Uninstall) in my managed code for uninstalling the application.

Im not seeing any other relevant information in the log file.

Does any one have any suggestions? thanks.


i've finally found the solution from this link

I've specified ExitCode Behavior=”scheduleReboot” for one of my pre-requiiste packages.

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