How to wrap apex:columns in a div to use in slideToggle()

I am trying to have a jquery slideToggle() function bound to a row of data in an apex:pageBlockTable.

I am displaying some information in the table and want that if someone clicks on any row, some more information related to that contact is displayed in a slider and the rest of the rows move down. When he clicks again, the slider moves up and everything is back to normal.

If I am not wrong, I think I need to bind row elements (apex:columns) in one div and the information in the slider in the other. But somehow this is not working.

Here is the code:

<apex:page controller="xingShowSearchResult">

<style type="text/css"> 
    border:solid 1px #c3c3c3;
#rowInfo { 

<script src="//">

$j = jQuery.noConflict();




<apex:pageMessages />
    <div id='backtoDiv' style="height:20px;">
        <apex:outputLink value="/apex/XingPageTab" style="color:blue;">Back to Home Page</apex:outputLink>

<apex:pageBlock title="Suche Kontakte"> 
    <apex:pageBlockSection columns="1">
    <apex:form style="float:right" >
        <apex:commandLink style="height:20px;font-weight: bold;" value="Suchergebnisse entfernen" action="{!deleteSearchResult}" />
    <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!newList}" var="contacts" id="contactsTable">

       <div id="rows">
        <apex:column > 
            <apex:image url="{!contacts.photoURL__c}" /> 

        <apex:column headerValue="Name"> {!contacts.displayName__c}</apex:column>

        <apex:column headerValue="Firma"> {!contacts.firma__c}</apex:column>
        <apex:column headerValue="Title" > {!contacts.title__c}</apex:column>

     <div id="rowInfo" >
            This is the paragraph to end all paragraphs.  You
            should feel <em>lucky</em> to have seen such a paragraph in
            your life.  Congratulations!


I am trying to understand Visualforce and JS so any help would be appreciated.

Best, Ankit


If i understand your code correctly there will be multiple div of <div id="rows"> and multiple div of <div id="rowInfo" >. Please let me know if my this assumption is wrong.

ideally there should be only one element of 1 id not multiple. that might be causing the unexpected behavior. you can change it to <div class="rows"> and <div id="rowInfo" > respectively.

and try

$j = jQuery.noConflict();



if this also doesnt work out.. check javascript console for any errors.. also let me knwo if its failing on any perticular browser or all?

 <apex:page standardController="RequestActivity__c" recordSetvar="RequestActivity" extensions="MDFClaimForRequestActivity" id="thePage" showHeader="true">
    <apex:includeScript value="{!$Resource.min}"/>

            <apex:includeScript value="{!URLFOR($Resource.acclayout, 'accorpanel/jquery-1.9.1.js')}"/>
            <apex:includeScript value="{!URLFOR($Resource.acclayout, 'accorpanel/jquery-ui.js')}"/>
            <apex:stylesheet value="{!URLFOR($Resource.acclayout, 'accorpanel/jquery-ui.css')}"/>

      background-image: url({!URLFOR($Resource.HpMDFAccordions,'HpAccordion/minus_sign.png')});
       background-repeat : no-repeat;
       background-position:left center;
    background-image: url({!URLFOR($Resource.HpMDFAccordions,'HpAccordion/plus_sign.png')});
       background-repeat : no-repeat;
       background-position:left center;

    <apex:form id="pgFrmId">
        <apex:pageBlock title="Activities" id="pgBlkId">
        <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" class="myAccordion" id="pgTbleId">
            <td class="tableHeader"></td>
                <td class="tableHeader">Activity Name</td>      
                <td class="tableHeader">Activity Description</td>
                <td class="tableHeader">Status</td>
                <td class="tableHeader">Requested HP Investment</td>
                <td class="tableHeader">Claim Status</td>
            <apex:repeat value="{!fWrapper}" var="activity">
                <tr class="pgTrId" style="border-left: 5px solid #000;" >
                    <td class="pgTdClass" onclick="getActivityDetails('{!activity.reqActivity}');">
                         <span class="pgImgClas"  id="{!activity.reqActivity}" ></span>

                    <td class="tableContent" id="aname">{!activity.reqActivity.Name}</td>
                    <td class="tableContent">{!activity.reqActivity.Activity_Descrpition__c}</td>
                    <td class="tableContent">{!activity.reqActivity.Status__c}</td>
                    <td class="tableContent">{!activity.reqActivity.RequestedHPInvestment__c}</td>
                    <td class="tableContent">{!activity.reqActivity.ClaimStatusTraffic__c}</td>
                <tr class="accordion" style="border-left: 5px solid #000; background-color:#fff;" >
                 <td colspan="6">
                 <apex:outputPanel id="actDetailPanel">
                    <h2 id="section1">Activity Details</h2>
                    <p>Hi youe data goes here...</p>
    jQuery(document).ready(function ($) 
        var divs=$('.accordion').hide(); 
        var h2s=$('.pgTdClass').click(function () 
           var parentEle= $(this).parent();
           return false; 


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