Get DataMembers from DLL assembly using System.Reflection

I'm trying to use Assembly class to get [DataMember]'s from my [ServiceContract]. The problem is, my method returns an empty collection...

Here's my code:

Assembly assembly = Assembly.LoadFrom(dllPath);
Type c = assembly.GetType(fullName);
var dataMembers = c.GetFields().Where(f => f.GetCustomAttributes<DataContractFormatAttribute>().Any());

And here's my service class:

public class MyService
    public string Test;

    public Int64 ComeAndGetMe;

    public bool AmIUseless;

    public void DoSomething()

I want to get Test and ComeAndGetMe.


No fields are marked [DataContractFormat], so looking for <DataContractFormatAttribute> will not find anything. Try looking for fields where DataMemberAttribute is specified.

Minor point, but personally I think you should make those properties, not fields (and use GetProperties(), obviously):

public string Test {get;set;}
public long ComeAndGetMe {get;set;}
// etc

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