Keyboard shortcut to switch between source and test files easily

Is there an extension or a keyboard shortcut like MoreUnit for Eclipse in Visual Studio that would allow me to quick switch between a source file and a unit testing file.

Also in Eclipse, I used to create a file (test or source) and then hit CTRL+J and it would suggest me to create to opposite file and then allow me to switch between them with CTRL+J.


I don't know if there is an extension like this one for eclipse. Normally I use Ctrl + Tab to switch between the current file and the last one. Of course this works only when I open the test file first and then the implementation, but I usually work that way.

I guess this could be an idea for a new extension.

Install TestDriven.NET in Visual Studio and you've this great shortcut Alt+G to do exactly that. Additionally an equivalent option shows up in the editor's context menu.

You can download TestDriven.Net on or

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