Magmi is cannot find multiple images

I've Googled, and Stackoverflowed this to death (and checked the Wiki), but I can't find a solution to my problem :(

Problem: With Magento Magmi: all products and single images are importing fine, the only catch is that Magmi throws the following error when I try to import multiple images (e.g. /BJ977L.png,/BJ977R.png):

Image attributes processor v1.0.25 - /BJ977L.png,/BJ977R.png cannot be found in images path

Obviously I checked and the files are there... Also, if I change it to only reference one image, then it works. I find this very confusing.

The images are located in: media/import and the Magmi Image Plugin configuration reflects this. Also, if I move the images to another folder, say var/import/images; then it makes no difference...

Your help is hugely appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


As the Images Attribute Processor documentation states, you should be using a semi-colon ; to separate multiple images.


Also ensure that the column names you are using are correct. media_gallery is the correct column header name for the media gallery images.

Have you tried using semi colon?


Have you tried using the complete file path to the images? Also, did you specify the file path root for the images in the plugin settings?

If you have formatted the .csv file the right way then you should check the Image Renaming setting for the Image attributes processor. If you specify a bad rule to rename your newly imported images you could end up with the same name for every picture. So basically the first image will be imported, then the second will overwrite it because it was given the same name. If you only see the last picture you specified for the media_gallery attribute then this is probably the cause. Hope this helps.

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