Web.config changing file default location

I've have a tricky question for you:

In Visual C# IDE, how do you change the location of a file within a seperate folder?

So for example

The inital path of this folder was Webproject/folder1/Default.aspx in VS 2008, I converted this to 2010 and needed to rename the Default.aspx to folder1Default.aspx to make it work in 2010, because I couldnt have more than one Default.aspx. Now when I attempt to navigate to this folder, it can't open this as the default page. How can I set this page to be the default location for this specific folder? If the path were Webproject/folder1/folder1Default.aspx, how could I change this location using the web.config file?



You did this, but there should be only 1 default or index file which are defined in IIS or config file.

<location path="folder1">
       <defaultDocument enabled="true">
          <add value="folder1Default.aspx"/> 

I have done it like this in config file

        <remove value="default.aspx" />
        <remove value="iisstart.htm" />
        <remove value="index.html" />
        <remove value="index.htm" />
        <remove value="Default.asp" />
        <remove value="Default.htm" />
        <add value="folder1Default.aspx" />

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