Examples for ipython backends in other languages?

At PyCon2013, I found out that it is possible for the ipython notebook to be used for other languages bu writing a different backend. In the ipython docs, I have seen the page on the protocol, and mention that servers have been written for perl and ruby. I am interested in one for clojure.

Where would I find the code for a sample non-python backend to evaluate if a clojure backend is a practical thing, in terms of the time and expertise I can devote to it?


ihaskell-notebook integrates Haskell into IPython.

IHaskell wraps around IPython to run Haskell.

https://github.com/ipython/ipython/pull/2854 will give you a quick recap of the last change and link to a ruby kernel. I drafted a node kernel with some explanation some time ago, it might need to be updated to work with last IPython and last node. IClosure have take some code from IPython and made a POC of clojure working, we'll be happy if the kernel was ported to work with last IPython as it would get all the new improvement with autosave and so on. I never saw the perl kernel.

Don't hesitate to open an issue of a PR on github with a draft of Clojure kernel (even if the PR won't be merged in main repo, it help to see the code), we'll be happy to help.

Just to insist a little more for other reader, as it is often not well understood:

With current dev version, you do not need to fork IPython, nor modify it source code to have it work with a non-python kernel, not even have to write python.

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