Date picker Kalendae not working on IE9

I'm currently using the Kalendae date picker with Chrome and Firefox but it dosen't work with IE9 (while the author says it's compatible for IE8). The problem is that I can display the calendar but nothing happens when I click on a date :/

Does anyone use this date picker and if so, have you already had this problem?


--------------- EDIT -----------------

@Deepu: I don't have any error. @AmitApollo: what do you mean by date div/class? I have to give my div an id if I want to attach the Kalendae object to it... My code looks like this:

var divCal = document.createElement('div');
  divCal.setAttribute('id', 'divCal'); = 'absolute'; = xMousePosition + "px"; = yMousePosition - 150 + "px";   

var cal = new Kalendae('divCal', {

I also have a call to the change function like this:

cal.subscribe('change', function (date, action) {
                               console.log(date, action, this.getSelected());


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