How to get checkboxlist item value

This is how I am adding values and text to my checkboxlist in c#

private void populateFruitList() {
    string selectCommand = "SELECT FruitName, FruitID FROM Fruit_Crate";

    using (SqlDataSource ds = new SqlDataSource(ConnectionString(), selectCommand)) {
        CheckBoxList1.DataSource = ds;
        CheckBoxList1.DataTextField = "FruitName";
        CheckBoxList1.DataValueField = "FruitID";

This is how I am trying to get value but intellisence not helping,

foreach (CheckBox cb in CheckBoxList1.Items) {
        myList.Add(cb.Value); // SAYS wrong Syntax

Can someone direct me to right syntax please?



CheckBoxList does not contain CheckBox items (or shouldn't), it's a collection of ListItems. It should look like this: -

foreach (ListItem cb in CheckBoxList1.Items) 

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