Supporting old iOS versions and devices

I need an iOS app to be compatible with previous iOS versions, at least from 4.0, and also with prior devices (iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS... and likely all iPad devices). I found some posts dealing with the iOS versions backwards compatibility that already have some years (for example, How to build against older iOS versions with the latest Xcode downloads?), and I donĀ“t know if this is deprecated or it still is the way to proceed, at least concerning the app building. Regarding programming issues, I guess I should check the documentation to know if the SDK features/libraries/frameworks I want to use are supported by all the iOS versions I want to be compatible... And having such information, how could I check programmatically the iOS version the device is running, in order to provide a certain feature or not?

On the other hand, regarding iOS versions and devices running them: could I find any Apple document listing which iOS versions supports each existing device? What hardware-dependent issues should I take into account while developing the app?

Thanks so much

Edit: Target architecture(s) is the only hardware consideration I've to take into account? Knowing that, for example, an iPhone 3GS is able to run, and is running, iOS 6.1.3, can I assume that the device will then support all the SDK's features, or I still need to check for the availability of such features depending on the device?


with the newest xcode version that supports iOS 6.0, you cannot develope for devices with iOS < 4.3 (lowest base SDK), and also the version that supports iOS 4.0 doesn't support iOS 6.0. For older devices you have to set the Architectures to armv6 armv7 in you project-settings tab "Build Settings".

for checking the iOS Version running, just check the available posts here at stack, you will find one that fits for you ;)

All in one I would set the base SDK to 5.1 because it's the last that can be used by iPad 1 and iPod touch 3. gen. and long enought available so everyone should have the latest update.

Older devices can have only iOS 4.2.x and are not supported by current xcode (4.6.2 (4H1003)).

iOS Support Matrix v2.4

This version is updated and includes iOS 7.


There is a great infographic that shows what versions of iOS are supported by which devices at

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