Scope private classes in a separate file

Is there a way to create a private class in a separate file without polluting the global namespace? Currently I just create a sub-namespace and put all of the private classes that other public classes need to function, but is there a way to just make a class altogether private, yet in another file?


You are probably looking for the "Module Pattern" in JavaScript. The Module Pattern name can refer to a lot of different patterns but the basic concept to to declare functions and attributes that are only available to a function which has already been called. Like this:

 myModule = function () {
    var me = {},
        iAmPrivate = 1;

     function privateFunc() {
        // stuff can access iAmPrivate and iamPublic

     me.iamPublic = 1;
     me.publicFunc = function () {
        // stuff can access iAmPrivate and iamPublic

     return me;


 myModule.publicFunc();  // this can be called
 myModule.iamPublic;     // this can be accessed

 myModule.iAmPrivate     // xx can't do this
 myModule.privateFunc()  // or this

Because of how closures and scope works, Items declared local to that function call are available to all functions declared in that function call but nothing outside of the function call. The function has been called so they can never be accessed.

You can read a lot more about it here :, and of course with a Google search now that you know what it is called.

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