How to load image from URL in QML not in QT C++

This is my code and i want to load image from the given URL please tell if there is any way .becasue this is not loading the image

 ImageView {

            imageSource: ""
            preferredWidth: 610
            translationY: 70.0
            translationX: 70.0
            preferredHeight: 250


BB10 Does not currently support a URL for an ImageView. There was mentions during the beta stage that it was coming but it is no longer listed on the roadmap.

--edit: As per Kernald - this feature is still in the roadmap.

Javascript does not support direct downloading of files which means you will have to implement some c++ if you want to accomplish this.

The best example of this is from one of the official examples here:

You should be able to copy some of the c++ classes and implement it into your app without too much difficulty, even if your knowledge of c++ is weak.

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