android set app to portrait only, except when keyboard pulled out

a while back I converted my app to include landscape mode, from each activity having screenOrientation="portrait" to this:


I also handle configuration changes just fine in onConfigurationChanged in each activity.

But in hindsight, I only want edge cases with pop out hardware keyboards to get landscape mode. How do I adjust my manifest and code?

do I keep a certain combination android:configChanges ? the onConfigurationChanged class? insight appreciated


One option is to tackle this problem programmatically. What you could do is detect if the user has a hardware keyboard attached, and if so force the orientation into landscape mode. Here are two ways to detect a hardware keyboard:


if (getResources().getConfiguration().hardKeyboardHidden == Configuration.HARDKEYBOARDHIDDEN_NO) {


Once you have detected that the user has a hard keyboard you can force landscape mode on the user with:


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