remove attribute HREF after access the LINK

I want to achieve such e effect...

<div id="content"><a href="#MyForm">some text</a></div>

after Clicking/Accessing the Link once to have "some text" as a ordinary text... like

<div id="content"><a>some text</a></div>

So, 1. How to make that LINK first to achieve the result and then TO REMOVE or DISABLE ATTRIBUTE HREFF? Thank you in advance for your support!


You can rewrite the html element, try this one:

<div id="content"><a href="#MyForm" onClick="document.getElementById('content').innerHTML='some text';">some text</a></div>

edit: oops on first post, here some explaination.

By adding the onClick action to remove the element:

<a href="#MyForm" onClick="document.getElementById('content').innerHTML='some text';">some text</a>

and replace it with

some text

So after you click the link, you html dom will be modified and look like:

<div id="content">some text</div>

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