Updating a mysql database

I am trying to edit a Mysql database. Can someone tell me why this is not working, it doesn't update anything

mysqli_query($con,"UPDATE Users SET day_started=1 WHERE email='$user_data['email']'");

$user_data['email'] works I checked it. I tried echoing it and it did echo the value I wanted. I also checked the database and the value I want it on of the fields in email.

Thank you for your help:)


Try this:

$user_email = mysqli_real_escape_string($con, $user_data['email']);

mysqli_query($con,"UPDATE `Users` SET `day_started`='1' WHERE `email`='".$user_email."'");

I suspect the answer lies with your not properly embedding a PHP variable in your query string. Check out those sexy full stops on each side of $user_email. PHP loves it when you do that.

I also sanitized your input and stuff, and formatted your query with backticks because PHP also loves that.

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