Get the mysql table Row content and Inser it into the Same Table with PHP?

Here i have situation in my mysql table,i want get the particular row value and the same value i want to insert into another row in the same table.

Here the example

qualification Name Age id(pk)
BE            ragu 22 1
BE            ravi 33 2

I want To insert 2nd row again,the result must b like the following:

qualification Name Age id(pk)
BE            ragu 22 1
BE            ravi 33 2
BE            ravi 33 3

Suggest me some idea.... thanks in advance...


Use INSERT ... SELECT syntax for that

INSERT INTO Table1 (qualification, Name, Age, id)
SELECT qualification, Name, Age, 3
  FROM Table1
 WHERE id = 2

Here is SQLFiddle demo

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